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Warehousing & Distribution

We arrange collection and distribution of shipments to/from our strategically situated bonded and free circulation warehouses. Storage is provided if a customer wishes us to keep their goods in our warehouse due to shortage of space or have to utilise their own space.  Weekly and daily rates are offered to the clients for their requirements.


Full Community Transit Guarantee and preparation of UK Export Customs documents (EAD, EX1, Export declaration) for T1 consignments: ex Bonded Warehouse; IPR Regimes; Suspense Regimes Transit preparation of Export Documents for Free Circulation (T2) consignments; for Definite Export; to begin OPR Procedures and other Temporary Exports destined inside and Outside the EU; to EFTA Countries […]


Preparation and presentation of documents which allow UK Imports to be released to Home Use, with Relief of Duty,  Preferential Treatment when available; Home Use with Relief or Suspense of Import VAT when available; Inward Processing Relief (IPR); Outward Processing Relief (OPR); ETSF (Temporary Customs Storage Facility)  Bonded Warehouse Receipts and Removals;  ERTS (Enhanced Remote Transit Shed) Receipts and Removals; Onward […]


New Customs Documentations introduced with Brexit such as ENS-EXS/ SSD, GMR, GVMS, PBN (Ireland) declarations are also handled together with usual documentation. PCS – Port Clearance Services Ltd / EuroTurk Freight Solutions Ltd headquartered in United Kingdom; has been handling national and international shipping services with its experienced and customer focused bilingual team since 2000. […]

Customs Clearance

We offer 24/7 custom clearance facility in Dover and other ports in the UK and offer free advise on how to prevent delays and costs where possible. We operate with AEO procedures and aim to provide continuous quality in all aspects of logistics.


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